Did you know that the origin of the Tulip was Turkey?

Yes, that’s right. Turkey is the Tulip’s country of origin.

Come and see where it all started! The Turkish Weekend will present the Tulip Journey – a history of the tulip in an atmosphere fit for the Sultans from the Ottoman era.

Artisans from Turkey will demonstrate fine Ottoman art depicting the tulip in many forms.

Turkish delight will not be the only delight to be enjoyed throughout the weekend, there will be plenty of Turkish cuisine available. A variety of Turkish handcrafts will be on sale.

Come and enjoy a wide range of Turkish music and traditional Turkish folk dance.

The film “The Light of the East”, co-produced by the City of Istanbul and Radio Netherlands Television, tells the dramatic saga of the tulip as it traveled throughout history from its origin as a wild flower in Asia to Europe. This impressive documentary includes interviews with tulip experts Mike Dash, author of “Tulipomania” and Deborah Moggach, author of “Tulip Fever”, and emphasizes the diversity and the power of the exquisite tulip.

It will be presented at the Tulip Festival.

Thanks to everyone for contributing to the 2005 Tesselaar Tulip Festival’s
Turkish Tulip Weekend – Celebrating the Origin of the Tulip

See you there…
Saturday 16th September and Sunday 17th September 2006


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