Tesselaar Tulip Festival – Turkish Weekend

September 18th-19th
10am until 5pm

357 Monbulk Rd, Silvan VIC (Melways Map 123B5)

Tulip Fest Sponsors

2010 Tulip Festival Poster
Tulip Fest Sponsors

Dr Munevver Ucer

Discover the origin of the Tulip

Turkey hosted the world’s first Tulip Festival more than 400 years ago, the love for the Tulip and the tradition is still strong in Victoria today. With more than 100 performers this weekend is a showcase of Turkish culture, a colourful and exciting weekend. Entertainment includes Turkish Folk Dancers and Musicians, Turkish Marbling, Calligraphy and Illumination Art Workshops, Coffee Cup Reading, delicious foods and more!


Group Ezgi – Turkish Folk Music,
Mozaiq – Turkish Band,
Ozden Isikser & Zevk-u Seda Turkish Classical Music Group
Solo Porque
Çağlayan & Tamer
Bulkan-Savun Evcimen, Ney Player
Victorian Black Sea Turkish Cultural Association – Music, dance and costume from North East Turkey.
more to be announced.


Turkish Marbling by Esengül İnalpulat
Calligraphy by Dr Süleyman Berk & Mr. Ahmet Depeler
Turkish Illumination Art by Dr. Münevver Üçer
Turkish Miniature Art by Gülay Pelin
Turkey promotion by Vision Tours


Turkish marbling, calligraphy, miniature and illumination arts, Turkish historical display, Association of New Elderly (Japanese origami making), kid’s face painting, Henna tattoo, Turkish jewellery, Turkish ceramics and rugs from Turkish Magic, selection of Turkish artefacts from Northern Turkish Women’s Association, Western Thrace Women’s Cultural Group, Collingwood Turkish Women’s Cultural Group and more to be announced.


Traditional Turkish  Gozleme, Turkish Tea and Simit, Shish Kebab, Adana Kebab, Corn on the cob, Turkish Coffee, Turkish Delight, Baklava…more to be announced.

Why a Turkish Weekend?

The tulip originated and was first cultivated in Turkey over 400 years ago. The flower gained importance in Turkish society, their form was championed by the Sultan’s.
The very first Tulip Festivals were celebrated in Turkey in the 1700’s during a time known as Lalè Devri (Tulip Era) it was at this time that the Tulip was the symbol of the Royal Court.

The original Tulip Festival were celebrated at the Sultan’s Palace which was decorated with thousands of tulips. Guests dressed so their clothes matched the many colours of the beautiful tulips. Mirrors were placed throughout the Royal gardens so light was reflected and the tulips seemed endless. Crystal bowls of coloured water were placed throughout the gardens to compliment the colour of the flowers. Songbirds hung from cages and musicians played throughout the gardens to provide the perfect atmosphere. At night candles were lit in crystal lanterns and placed throughout the gardens and cast an enchanting light across the flowers, candles were placed on the backs of tortoises to further increase the gala of the show, their slow wanderings illuminating the blooms in a capricious display.

Tulip motifs were and still are used prominently throughout Turkey in artistic words such as painting, tapestry, tiles, poetry and clothing.

Today the Tulip is still a important flower and symbol in Turkey.

To learn more about please visit Tesselaar Tulip Festival web page.

Dr Munevver Ucer

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