Turkish Oriental Bellydance with a touch of SEDADANCE at the Tulip Festival

Seda Jurin
Seda will be doing the following workshops at the Tesselaar Tulip Festival – Turkish Weekend on 19-20 Sept 2009:

1. Turkish Gypsy Romandance
Learn the art of Romandance (Turkish Gypsy Dance) from one who knows, an actual Turkish gypsy, born of the culture and brought up with this dance. With the technique, understand the passion and emotion that drives it.

2. Turkish Oriental Bellydance with a touch of SEDADANCE BellyRobics
Unleash the dance goddess within you with by learning from the the ancient art of Turkish bellydance, and as a bonus combine these graceful moves with a touch of SEDADANCE aerobics (BellyRobics) for a more intensified dance workout.

International Turkish belly dance teacher, performer, choreographer and publisher Seda Jurin, a fourth generation belly dancer, is the creator of SEDADANCE – the new way to belly dance and get fit.

She is the first Turkish bellydancer to appear on national television and to introduce belly dance in the Australian fitness industry by teaching her self-designed aerobics belly dance (SEDADANCE BellyRobics) on Aerobic OZ Style fitness television show in 2002 and DVD AOS Belly Dance Fitness, shown on Channel 10 and worldwide. Seda has performed in numerous corporate, and private VIP events in Australia, Turkey, Singapore, US, Middle East, to name a few.

She also conducts special workshops, nationally and internationally, in various dance style namely Gypsy Romany Dance, Cabaret Dance, Turkish Bellydance, and Modern Bellydance, apart from her regular classes/courses in SEDADANCE BellyRobics. As a publisher, she has recently launched her second DVD “Belly Dancing for Baby,” available in Australian and New Zealand bookshops and http://seda.net.au.

She is currently working on her next DVD installments and books.

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