125th Anniversary of the Birth of Atatürk

The Founder of the Republic of Turkey


Seçil Karal Akgün is a 1969 graduate of the History Department of Faculty of Letters of the Ankara University. She started her academic career and received her degrees in the same institution with her researches on Turkish Revolution and the Armenian Issue. After serving ten years as a research assistant at the Turkish Revolutionary History Institute of Ankara University she joined the Middle East Technical University in 1981 as an Associate Professor. She became one of the two founders of the History Department in 1982 and received her tenure in 1989.

Prof. Akgün gives undergraduate and graduate courses on Contemporary Turkish and Modern Ottoman History courses at METU. She also taught part-time at the Gülhane Military Medical Academy, War College and Bilkent University in Ankara. She received a Fulbright Grant in 1984 and did research in the US for one year on American missionaries in the Ottoman Empire.

She was a visiting professor, research fellow and lecturer at various universities in Turkey as well as abroad, such as Utah University, USA; University of Frankfurt, Germany and The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Prof Akgün’s publications in Turkey and abroad which are products of her researches at American, English, German and Israel archives as well as Turkish are on modernization of the Ottoman Empire, American and Mormon missionaries in the Ottoman Empire, Gallipoli Campaign and the Anzacs, the Armenian Issue, Turkish Revolution, Reforms, Education and the History of the Red Crescent.

Twice the chair of the History Department of METU, Prof Akgün is member of various Turkish and foreign historical societies and NGOs. She has received a number of awards for her academic work and is currently heading the Classification Project of the Turkish Red Crescent archives.



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