Gülay Pelin – Turkish Miniature Artist

Gulay Pelin
Award winning Turkish miniature artist Gülay Pelin is recognized as Australia’s one of distinct miniature artists whose unique and contemporary art charmingly bridges Turkish miniature from past to present.
“Fusing traditional and contemporary miniature art within its own uniqueness and intricacy offers a delightful experience that is too captivating for viewers to explore further at every look.”

Gulay Pelin

Gülay has a BA degree with 1st place Honors in Manuscript Arts from 9 Eylül University, Turkey; uses many symbols and illumination in her artworks that can be classified as traditional and contemporary; both reflect a fine elaboration and inspiration from traditional Turkish motifs and Ottoman calligraphy where fearlessly used rich gouache colors and gold leaves are seen.
She is a regular competitor of prestigious art prizes throughout Australia and Turkey; creator of “Anatolian Dream” exhibition held with Sydney University in 2007; guest lecturer of “The Art of Islam” in Art Gallery of New South Wales, and exhibitor in “Out of Anatolia” to commemorate 40th year of Turkish migration to Australia.
Gülay holds regular exhibitions in Australia and Turkey and her art is represented in private and corporate collections in both countries and internationally. She also presents Turkish Miniature Art courses and seminars in North Sydney Community Centre.
Gulay Pelin

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